Goods and Services: any product, including the documents and services mentioned in the Order, which are to be supplied by the Seller to the Buyer further to the Agreement concluded under the terms and conditions specified on the website.
Customer: individual/legal person having or obtaining access to the content by any means of communication provided by AfterRace (electronic, telephone, online/offline etc.) or based on an use agreement existing between AfterRace and the former, for which the creation and use of an Account is required.
Order: an electronic document serving as form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer, by which the Buyer informs the Seller, through the Website, of its intention to purchase the Goods displayed on the Website.
Campaign: the action of exhibiting, for trade purposes, a definite number of Goods and/or Services with a limited and predefined stock for a limited period of time set by the Seller.
Buyer: individual/legal person or any legal entity creating an Account on the Website and placing an Order.
Comment: assessment or observation made for critical analysis purposes on a Review or another Comment.
Account: section of the Website composed of an e-mail address, a password and the full name, which allows the Buyer to place the Order and which contains information about the Customer/Buyer and the history of the Buyer on the Website (orders, invoicing and delivery addresses).

  • all the information on the Webite that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed by using a piece of electronic equipment;
  • the content of any e-mail sent by the Seller to the Buyers electronically and/or by any other available means of communications;
  • any information communicated by any means by an employee/co-worker of the Seller to the Buyer according to the contact information specified or not by the latter;
  • the information related to the Goods and/or Services and/or the rates charged by the Seller during a certain period;
  • the information related to the Goods and/or Services and/or the rates charged by a third party with whom the Seller has partnership agreements concluded in a certain period;
  • the details regarding the Seller or other privileged data of the same.

Agreement: is the distance sale and purchase agreement entered into between the Seller and the Buyer, without the simultaneous physical presence of the Seller and the Buyer.
Document: these Terms and Conditions.
Wish List: section of the Account that allows the Buyer/Customer/User to create its Wish List of Goods.
List: web page of the Wish List section where the Buyer/Customer/User can add Goods it thinks it prefers, which it can later add to the shopping cart called “my cart”. The Lists can be:

  • Public: any Customer/Buyer/User can view the List of the Buyer/User if it has shared it via the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+) or if it accesses the public profile of the Buyer/User on the Website. The Lists are public and the Buyer/User may set them as private at any time, directly from its Account – Wish List section.
  • Private: they can only be viewed by the Account holder. The Buyer/User may set them as public at any time, directly from its Account – Wish List section.

Rating: way of expressing the level of satisfaction of a User/Customer/Buyer with a product or service purchased from the Website. A Rating is expressed as stars and each product can get from one to five stars. Said level of satisfaction will always be associated with the Review written by the User/Customer/Buyer on a product or service purchased from the Website.
Review: an evaluation written by the owner or beneficiary of a product or service purchased from the Website, drawn up based on its personal experience and ability to make qualitative comments  and to say whether the product or service meets the manufacturer’s specifications or not.
ID: e-mail address by which a particular User/Customer/Buyer can add content on the Website. The e-mail address is associated with the User’s/Customer’s/Buyer’s information on the Website under the name of “User Name”.
Newsletter: means of regular information, received solely electronically, namely by electronic mail (e-mail, SMS) with respect to the Goods and Services and/or the promotions offered by the Seller in a certain period, without any commitment from the Seller regarding the information contained therein.
Online Payment: payment service provided by the payment processor integrated into the Website, made available to the Customers, Users and/or Buyers via the Website in order to make an online card payment, which can be activated solely by or without creating an Account.
Answer: written information sent to the User/Customer/Buyer that has asked a Question on the Website, on the page of a particular product.
Website: the domain and its subdomains
Transaction: receiving or reimbursing an amount resulting from the sale of a Good and/or Service by AfterRace to the Buyer by using the services of the card processor approved by the Seller, regardless of the delivery method.
Specifications: all the specifications and/or descriptions of the Goods and Services, as mentioned in their description.
User: any individual/legal person registered on the Website, which, by completing the Account creation process, has given its consent and has accepted the specific clauses of the General Terms and Conditions section.
Misuse: the use of the Website in a way contrary to the practice in the industry, the regulations and the laws in force or in any other way that may cause prejudice to the Seller.
Seller: AfterRace, a Romanian legal person, headquartered in Bucharest, Str. Bahluiului, nr. 17, Sector 1, registered with the Trade Register under no. J40/9966/2016, holder of the Sole Registration No. 36348503 of 25.07.2016, hereinafter referred to as “AfterRace”.


 2.1. By placing an Order via the Website, the Buyer agrees with the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) by which the Seller carries out its business operations.
2.2. The notification received by the Buyer after placing the Order is for information purposes and it is not an acceptance of the Order. Such notification is made electronically (e-mail) or by telephone.
2.3. The Seller reserves the right to modify, for good reason, the quantity of Goods and/or Services in the Order. If it modifies the quantity of Goods and/or Services in the Order, it will inform the Buyer via the e-mail address or the telephone number made available to the Seller when placing the Order and it will return the amount paid.
2.4. The Agreement is considered concluded between the Seller and the Buyer at such time when the Buyer receives from the Seller the notification that the Order has been dispatched via electronic mail and/or SMS.
2.5. For Orders to be delivered at AfterRace point of delivery, the prices and reservations of Goods and/or Services are valid for 72 (seventy-two) hours from the Buyer’s registration of the Order.
2.6. The document and information made available by the Seller on the Website will be the basis of the Agreement.


3.1. Any Customer/Buyer/User is allowed access to place an Order.

AfterRace reserves the right to restrict Customer’s/Buyer’s access, for good reason, when placing an Order and/or to some accepted payment methods if it considers that based on the Customer’s/Buyer’s conduct or activity on the Website its actions might prejudice AfterRace in any way. In each case, the Customer/Buyer/User may address AfterRace to be informed about the reasons leading to the application of the above measures.

3.2. Communication with the Seller can be done through direct interaction with the same or by means of the addresses listed in the “Contact” section on the Website. The Seller is free to manage the information received without having to provide justification for this.

3.3 AfterRace reserves the right to request Customers/Buyers to manually enter the captcha type validation codes in order to protect the information on the Website.

3.4. AfterRace can publish information on the Website about the Goods and/or Services and/or promotions offered by it or any other third party with which AfterRace has partnership agreements in place, in a certain period of time and within the limits of the stock available.

3.5. All rates of the Goods and/or Services posted on the Website are expressed in RON (excluding VAT).

3.6. For online payments, the Seller is not/cannot be held responsible for any other additional cost borne by the Buyer, including, without limitation to currency conversion fees charged by the bank issuing its card if the currency of issue is different from RON. The responsibility for this action lies solely with the Buyer.

3.7. The information used to describe the Goods and/or Services available on the Website (still images/dynamic images/multimedia presentations, etc.) is not a contractual obligation on the part of the Seller, as it is used solely for presentation purposes.

3.8. After 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase of a Good or Service, the Buyer will be requested to make a Review on the Good or Service purchased. Such request will be sent to the e-mail address attached by the Buyer to the Account. This way, the Buyer helps to inform other possible Users/Customers/Buyers on the Website and is actively involved in developing new Services and in providing complete details on the characteristics of the Goods.

  1. ORDER

4.1. The Customer/Buyer may place Orders on the Website by adding the Goods and/or Services desired to the shopping cart and by completing the Order by making the payment in one of the ways expressly indicated. Once added to the shopping cart, a Good and/or a Service is available for purchase to the extent that there is stock available. Adding a Good/Service to the shopping cart without completing the Order does not lead to any registration of an Order, therefore, no Good/Service is automatically reserved.

4.2. By completing the Order, the Buyer confirms that all data supplied by it, necessary for the purchase, is correct, complete and true on the date when the Order is placed.

4.3. By completing the Order, the Buyer agrees that the Seller may contact it by any means available/approved by the Seller, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the Buyer.

4.4. The Seller may cancel the Order placed by the Buyer following prior notification to the Buyer, without any further obligation of either Party to the other or without any Party being able to claim damages in the following cases:

  • the bank issuing the Buyer’s card has not accepted the transaction where online payment has been attempted;
  • the card processor approved by AfterRace has invalidated the transaction where online payment has been attempted;
  • the data supplied by the Customer/Buyer on the Website is incomplete and/or incorrect.

4.5. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement, and to return a Good or give up a Service within 14 calendar days, without giving any reason and without bearing other costs than delivery costs.

According to Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014, the period in which a Good may be returned or a Service may be given up expires after 14 days from:

  • the day on which the Buyer takes physical possession of the last Good – if the Buyer places one Order for multiple products delivered separately;
  • the day on which the Buyer takes physical possession of the last Good or the last item – where a product consisting of multiple lots or items is delivered.

4.6. If the Buyer decides to withdraw from the Agreement, it will be able to send an email to

4.7. If the Customer/Buyer requests withdrawal from the Agreement within the legal deadline for withdrawal from the agreement, it must also return any gifts that have accompanied the product concerned. If the Order is paid for, the Seller will reimburse the amount within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days from the date when the Seller is informed by the Buyer of its decision to withdraw from the Agreement. The amount will be refunded as follows:

  • for Orders paid online by card, by making the refund to the account from which the payment has been made;
  • for Orders paid by Payment Order/cash on delivery/bank card by bank transfer.

4.8. The Seller will be able to postpone the reimbursement of the amount until it receives the Goods sold or until it receives proof that they have been dispatched.

4.9. If a Good and/or a Service ordered by the Buyer cannot be delivered by the Seller, the latter will inform the Customer/Buyer of this and it will return to the Buyer’s account the exchange value of the Good and/or the Service within a maximum of 7 (seven) days from the date on which the Seller has been informed of this or from the date on which the Buyer has expressly stated its intention to terminate the Agreement.


5.1. The following are exceptions to the right of withdrawal from the Agreement:

5.1.1. the service agreements, after the services have been rendered in full, if performance has started with the Buyer’s prior express consent and after it has confirmed that it is aware that it will lose its right of withdrawal after the Seller has performed the Agreement in full;

5.1.2. the supply of Goods and/or Services whose price depends on the financial market fluctuations that the Seller cannot control and that may occur during the withdrawal period;

5.1.3. the supply of Goods made according to the specifications provided by the Buyer or clearly customised;

5.1.4. the supply of Goods likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

5.1.5. the supply of sealed Goods that cannot be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene and that were unsealed by the Buyer;

5.1.6. the supply of Goods that are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;

5.1.7. the supply of digital content that is not delivered on a tangible medium, if performance has started with the Buyer’s prior express consent and after it has confirmed that it is aware of the fact that it will lose its right of withdrawal.


6.1. The prices of the Goods and Services posted on the Website do not include VAT according to the legislation in force, because the company is not liable for VAT payment.

6.2. The price, payment method and payment deadline are specified on each Order. The Seller will issue to the Buyer an invoice for the Goods and Services delivered, the Buyer’s obligation being to provide all information necessary to issue the invoice according to the legislation in force.

6.3. The Seller will send to the Buyer the invoice for the Order containing Goods and/or Services sold by AfterRace, except Goods and/or Services sold by AfterRace partners, and for any other payments related to the Order, exclusively in electronic format, by adding the invoice to the Buyer’s Account or by electronic mail to the e-mail address attached by the Buyer to its Account.

6.4. In order for the invoice corresponding to the Order to be properly sent, the Buyer has the obligation to update the data of its Account whenever necessary and to access the information and documents related to each Order existing in its Account.

6.5. By this method of communication, the Buyer will be able to access its Account and have a record of the invoices issued by AfterRace, which it can save and archive at any time and in any way desired.

6.6. By sending the Order, the Buyer gives its consent to receive invoices in electronic format after they are added by AfterRace to its Account via electronic mail and sent to the e-mail address attached to its Account.

6.7. If this information is unavailable in the Account for more than 48 (forty-eight) hours, the Customer is requested to report this to the e-mail address:

6.8. The Customer’s/User’s/Buyer’s card details will not be accessible to AfterRace and will not be stored by AfterRace or the payment processor integrated into the Website, but only by the institution authorising the Transaction or other entity authorised to provide card identification data storage services of whose identity the Customer/User/Buyer will be informed prior to introducing the data.

6.9. In some cases, to maintain the security of Transactions, upon placing its Order the Buyer will be requested to authorise the payment by reintroducing the password for its Account.

6.10. For reasons of Transaction security, the Customer/User/Buyer is advised not to stay logged on the Website and not to set the automatic login option on mobile devices. It is not allowed to disclose the access password to the Account and it is advisable to use a strong password (e.g.: containing at least eight characters, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters).

6.11. The Customer/User/Buyer may introduce the data of several payment cards it holds, for which the online payment option can be enabled.


7.1. The Seller undertakes to deliver the Goods to the Buyer according to the door-to-door delivery system.

7.2. The Seller will make sure that the Goods are properly packed and that the accompanying documents are handed over.

7.3. The Seller will deliver the Goods and Services in Romania, and inside and outside the EU.


8.1. All the Goods sold by AfterRace come with warranty terms according to the laws in force and the producers’ trade policies. The Goods are new, in original packaging.


9.1. The ownership of the Goods will be transferred upon delivery, after the Buyer has made the payment, at the location indicated on the Order (delivery meaning the signing, as proof of receipt, of the transport document provided by the courier).


10.1. The content, as defined in the preamble, including, without limitation to logos, stylised drawings, trade symbols, still images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content displayed on the Website are the exclusive property of AfterRace, all rights obtained to this end directly or indirectly (under the licences of use and/or publication) being reserved to it.

10.2. The Customer/Buyer is not allowed to copy, disseminate, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, link to, post, include any Content in any other context than the original one that AfterRace intended, include any Content outside the Website, remove signs of the copyright of the Content belonging to AfterRace, and participate in the transfer, sale, dissemination of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the Content, unless with the express written consent of AfterRace.

10.3. Any Content to which the Customer/Buyer/User has and/or obtains access by any means is subject to the Document, if the Content is not accompanied by a specific and valid use agreement concluded between AfterRace and the same and without any implicit or explicit guarantee from AfterRace with respect to that Content.

10.4. The Customer/Buyer may copy, transfer and/or use the Content only for personal or non-commercial purposes, only where they do not conflict with the provisions of the Document.

10.5. If AfterRace gives the Customer/Buyer the right to use as described in a distinct use agreement a certain content to which the Customer/Buyer has or obtains access further to said agreement, that right extends only to that or those contents defined in the agreement, only for the existence thereof or of those contents on the Website or for the period defined in the agreement, according to the conditions defined, if any and if they are not a contractual commitment on the part of AfterRace to that Customer/Buyer or any other third party that has/obtains access to such content being transferred by any means, which might be or is prejudiced in any way by that content during or after the expiry of the use agreement.

10.6. No Content transmitted to the Customer or the Buyer, by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or obtained by it by accessing, visiting and/or viewing is any contractual obligation on the part of AfterRace and/or the employee/agent of AfterRace that has mediated the transfer of Content, if any, with respect to that Content.

10.7. It is prohibited to use the Content for purposes other than those expressly allowed by this Document or by the use agreement accompanying it, if any.


11.1. The Seller cannot be responsible for any damages of any kind that the Buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the Seller’s performance of any of its obligations under the Order and for damages resulting from the use of the Goods and Services after delivery and in particular for their loss.

11.2. By creating and using the Account, the Customer/User/Buyer takes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account data (user name and password) and for managing access to the Account and, to the extent permitted by law in force, it is responsible for activity conducted through its Account.

11.3. By creating the Account and/or using the Content and/or placing Orders, the Customer/User/Buyer agrees expressly and unequivocally with the Website Terms and Conditions as last updated, communicated via the Website, as at the date when creating the Account and/or using the content and/or placing the Order.

11.4. After creating the Account, the use of the Content amounts to the acceptance of the changes in the Website Terms and Conditions and/or the updated versions of the Website Terms and Conditions.

11.5. The Website Terms and Conditions can be modified at any time by AfterRace and they may be enforceable against the Customers/Users/Buyers as of the date of posting them on the Website. The acceptance of the Website Terms and Conditions is confirmed by ticking the corresponding checkbox on the Website and/or by sending the Order and/or by making an online payment.


12.1. The Seller may assign and/or subcontract a third party for Services related to the delivery of the Order; it will inform the Buyer but the latter’s consent is not necessary. The Seller will always be liable to the Buyer for all contractual obligations.


13.1. AfterRace will keep the confidentiality of information of any kind, supplied by you. The information supplied may be disclosed only under the conditions set out in this Document.

13.2. No public statement, promotion, press release or any other method of disclosure to third parties will be made by the Buyer/Customer with reference to the Order/Agreement without the Seller’s prior written consent.

13.3. By submitting information or materials through this Website, you provide the Seller with unrestricted and irrevocable access thereto, with the right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and disseminate such materials or information.  You also agree that the Seller can freely use, in its own interest, such information, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you have submitted through the Website.  AfterRace will not be subject to obligations referring to the confidentiality of the information submitted, if the legislation in force does not include other stipulations in this regard.

13.4. By registering with AfterRace database, the Customer/Buyer gives its express consent, within the limits of the laws in force, to be contacted by third parties, partners of AfterRace: marketing service providers, other service providers with a view to achieving the object of the Agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller, and by state and government agencies when so provided by the specific legislation; and by other companies with which AfterRace may develop joint offers in the Goods and/or Services market, etc.


14.1. AfterRace newsletters are sent through AfterRace specialised and approved partners. The confidentiality and security of information is, thus, ensured.

14.2. When the Customer creates an Account on the Website, it is given the possibility to express its consent for receiving Newsletters.

The Customer may change, at any time, its option on the consent to the Seller:

14.2.1. by contacting AfterRace for this purpose.

14.2.2. by clicking the unsubscribe link displayed on the commercial messages received from the Seller.

14.3.3 Opting out of receiving Newsletters does not invalidate the consent for this Document.


15.1. The Users/Customers/Buyers may write Reviews, Comments, Questions and Answers in the “Reviews” sections. The information written may be both positive and negative and they will refer to the characteristics and the usage of a product or service.

15.2. When writing a Review/Comment/Question/Answer on the Website, the Users/Customers/Buyers grant the Seller a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, territorially unlimited licence and give the Seller the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, disseminate and display that content.

15.3. When writing a Review/Comment/Question/Answer in the mentioned sections, each User/Customer/Buyer undertakes to observe the following rules:

  • to refer only to characteristics and/or usage of a particular product or service, avoiding information about issues that can change (price or promotional offers) or information about how the Order is processed;
  • to use only Romanian or English. Words or phrases that, although not Romanian/English, are widely used in all settings related to the field are also allowed;
  • to use a proper language, non-offensive, without words that could offend or affect any other User/Customer/Buyer;
  • to make sure that the content displayed on the Website is placed correctly, as follows: any Question will be written in the “Customer questions and answers” section and any Review will be written in the “Reviews” section;
  • to make sure that the information written is true, correct, not misleading and in accordance with the applicable laws, thus complying with the rights of other parties as well, with copyright, trademark, licence or other ownership, publicity or privacy rights;
  • to use this facility only to communicate or obtain additional details on a particular product or service on the Website without making reference to other companies that promote the sale and purchase of products or services;
  • not to provide or request, in any way and to any extent, personal details (contact details, information about delivery or home address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, surname and/or first name, etc.) or any other information that may lead to the disclosure of such personal details;
  • not to write information and/or details about URLs (links) of other commercial websites that carry out the same business as the Seller;
  • not to attempt any fraudulent action to the detriment of the services provided by the Seller or not to write Reviews/Comments/Questions/Answers that contain advertising materials;
  • not to use the Review/Comment/Question/Answer as a means of communication with the Seller, for this purpose the Seller’s contact details listed on the Website will be used.

15.4. In addition to a realistic critical evaluation, upon writing a Review, the User/Customer/Buyer will also make a Rating relevant to the corresponding product or service. Reviews will be accompanied by corresponding Ratings.

15.5. When a Review/Comment/Question or Answer is reported by a User/Customer/Buyer as having inappropriate content, from a strictly subjective perspective, that content will be carefully examined by the Seller to determine whether it is in breach of the Website Terms and Conditions. The texts, photographs or videos uploaded will be removed from the Website only after the Seller has examined them.

15.6. If the Seller finds that the Website Terms and Conditions have been repeatedly breached, it reserves the right to suspend the User’s/Customer’s/Buyer’s possibility to write Reviews/Comments/Questions or Answers in the “Reviews” sections.

For reports or complaints about the Good and/or the Service purchased there is an email address available to Buyers: The maximum deadline for resolving complaints or reports is of 30 calendar days from their receipt.


16.1. The procedure for registering AfterRace with the Register of Personal Data Processing is underway.

16.2. According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended and completed, AfterRace has the obligation to manage the personal data provided in a safe manner and only for the purposes specified.

16.3. The purpose for the collection of data is of:

  • informing Customers/Buyers about the status of their Account, including validating, dispatching and invoicing Orders, resolving cancellations or problems of any kind regarding the Order, the Goods and/or the Services purchased;
  • sending Newsletters and/or regular alerts by using the electronic mail (e-mail, SMS);
  • carrying out marketing activities by receiving information or commercial messages (offers, promotions, advertising and marketing messages regarding the activity of AfterRace and third parties with which AfterRace has relations of any kind) at the e-mail addresses communicated to AfterRace;
  • participating in competitions, promotions;
  • sending non-commercial or administrative messages (on changes to the Website, administration, etc.);
  • making internal statistics needed to improve the quality of services provided and the Website’s image and to create new features, promotions, functionalities and services;
  • securing access to limited access sections of the Website;
  • conducting market research, tracking and monitoring sales data and Customer/Buyer behaviour.

16.4. By filling in the data in the form for the creation of the Account and/or the Order form, the Buyer declares and accepts unconditionally that its personal data may be included in AfterRace database, registered with the Register of Personal Data Processing and gives its express and unequivocal consent for the storage, use and processing of personal data for the purpose referred to above in paragraph 16.3.

16.5. By reading the Document you become aware that you are guaranteed your legal rights, namely the right to information (art.12), the right of access to data (art.13), the right to intervene (art.14), the right to object (art.15), the right not to be subject to individual decisions (art.17), the right of recourse to courts (art.18), in event of breach of the rights secured by Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

16.6. Based on a written, dated and signed request sent to: Str. Bahluiului, nr. 17, Sector 1, Bucharest, to the attention of AfterRace, you may request, free of charge, once a year, to be confirmed whether your personal data are being processed or not.

16.7. Based on a written, dated and signed request sent to Str. Bahluiului, nr. 17, Sector 1, Bucharest, to the attention of AfterRace, you may exercise your right to intervene on the data, as the case may be:

  • to rectify, update, block or delete data whose processing does not comply with Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, in particular incomplete or inaccurate data;
  • to make anonymous data whose processing does not comply with Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data;
  • to notify third parties to which the data was disclosed, unless such notification proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort compared to the legitimate interest that could be harmed.

16.8. AfterRace may also provide the Buyer’s personal data to other companies that are its partners, but only under a confidentiality agreement from them and only for the purposes specified in paragraph 16.3., by which they guarantee that such data is kept safe and that the supply of such personal information is carried out as required by the laws in force, as follows: to courier service providers, marketing service providers, payment/banking service providers, telemarketing or other service providers, supplied by companies with which we may develop joint offers in the market for our Goods and Services, insurers.

16.9. The Buyer’s personal information may be provided to the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the courts and other competent state bodies, on the basis of and within the limits of legal provisions and further to express requests.


 16.10. In some cases, AfterRace may collect non-personal information about the Buyer/Customer/User. Examples of such information are: type of browser used, computer operating system and domain name of the website from where the Website is accessed. While visiting the Website, AfterRace will be able to store certain data about the Buyer/Customer/User.

16.11. This information will be in the form of a file named “Cookie” or a similar file. These Cookies files help AfterRace to build a Website or advertisement to best respond to the Buyers’/Customers’/Users’ interests and preferences.

16.12. Most internet browsers can be used to delete or block Cookies or a warning may be issued before receiving such a file. AfterRace advises Buyers/Customers/Users to consult the browser instructions or the help file to find out more information about such functions.


17.1. Neither Party will be liable for the failure to perform contractual obligations if such failure to perform in a timely and/or proper manner, in whole or in part, is due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is the unforeseeable event, beyond the control of the Parties that cannot be avoided.

17.2.  If the event concerned does not end within 15 (fifteen) days from its occurrence, each Party will have the right to notify the other Party of the cessation of the Agreement by operation of law, while neither of them will be able to claim damages to the other.


18.1. This Agreement is subject to the Romanian law. Any disputes arising between AfterRace and the Customers/Buyers will be resolved amicably, and if this is not possible, disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian courts in Bucharest, Romania.



Bunuri si Servicii: orice produs, inclusiv documentele si serviciile mentionate in Comanda, care urmeaza a fi furnizate de catre Vanzator Cumparatorului ca urmare a Contractului incheiat in conditiile si termenii mentionati pe site.

Client: persoana fizica/persoana juridica care are sau obtine acces la continut, prin orice mijloc de comunicare pus la dispozitie de catre AfterRace (electronic, telefonic, online/offline etc.) sau in baza unui acord de utilizare existent intre AfterRace si acesta si care necesita crearea si utilizarea unui Cont.

Comanda: un document electronic ce intervine ca forma de comunicare intre Vanzator si Cumparator prin care Cumparatorul transmite Vanzatorului, prin intermediul Site-ului, intentia sa de a achizitiona Bunuri afisate pe Site.

Campanie: actiunea de a expune in scop comercial, un numar finit de Bunuri si/sau Servicii avand un stoc limitat si predefinit, pentru o perioada limitata de timp stabilita de catre Vanzator.

Cumparator: persoana fizica/persoana juridica sau orice entitate juridica care isi face un Cont pe Site si efectueaza o Comanda.

Comentariu: apreciere sau observatie cu scop critic, pe marginea unui Review sau a unui alt comentariu.

 Cont: sectiunea din Site formata dintr-o adresa de e-mail, o parola si numele complet, care permite Cumparatorului transmiterea Comenzii si care contine informatii despre Client/Cumparator si istoricul Cumparatorului in Site (comenzi, adrese de facturare si de livrare).


  • toate informatiile de pe Site care pot fi vizitate, vizualizate sau altfel accesate prin utilizarea unui echipament electronic;
  • continutul oricarui e-mail trimis Cumparatorilor de catre Vanzator prin mijloace electronice si/sau orice alt mijloc de comunicare disponibil;
  • orice informatie comunicata prin orice mijloc de catre un angajat/colaborator al Vanzatorului, Cumparatorului, conform informatiilor de contactare, specificate sau nu de catre acesta;
  • informatii legate de Bunurile si/sau Serviciile si/sau tarifele practicate de Vanzator intr-o anumita perioada;
  • informatii legate de Bunurile si/sau Serviciile si/sau tarifele practicate de catre un tert cu care Vanzatorul are ancheiate contracte de parteneriat intr-o anumita perioada;
  • date referitoare la Vanzator sau alte date privilegiate ale acestuia.

Contract: reprezinta contractul de vanzare-cumparare la distanta incheiat intre Vanzator si Cumparator, fara prezenta fizica simultana a Vanzatorului si a Cumparatorului.

Document: reprezinta prezentele Termeni si Conditii.

Favorite (Wish List): sectiune din Cont care permite Cumparatorului/Clientului/Utilizatorului sa isi creeze Liste favorite de Bunuri.


Lista: pagina web din sectiunea Favorite in care Cumparatorul/Clientului/Utilizatorul poate adauga Bunuri pe care le considera a fi preferate si pe care, ulterior, le poate adauga in cosul de cumparaturi  denumit „cosul meu”. Listele pot fi:

  • Publice: orice Client/Cumparator/Utilizator poate vizualiza Lista Cumparatorului/Utilizatorului in cazul in care acesta a distribuit-o pe retelele de socializare (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest si Google+) sau daca acceseaza profilul public al Cumparatorului/Utilizatorului din Site. Listele sunt publice, iar Cumparatorul/Utilizatorul are posibilitatea de a le seta ca fiind private oricand, direct din Contul sau – sectiunea Favorite.
  • Private: acestea pot fi vizualizate numai de titularul Contului. Cumparatorul/Utilizatorul are posibilitatea de a le seta ca si publice oricand, direct din Contul sau – sectiunea Favorite.

Rating: modalitate de exprimare a gradului de satisfactie a unui Utilizator/Client/Cumparator vis-à-vis de un produs sau serviciu achizionat de pe Site. Rating-ul se exprima sub forma de stele, fiecare produs putand primi un punctaj de la o stea la cinci stele. Acest grad de satisfactie va fi asociat intotdeauna review-ului scris de Utilizator/Client/Cumparator asupra unui produs sau serviciu achizitionat de pe Site.

Review: o evaluare scrisa de catre detinatorul sau beneficiarul unui produs sau serviciu achizitionat de pe Site, evaluare redactata pe baza experientei personale si capacitatii acestuia de a realiza comentarii calitative si de a spune daca produsul sau serviciul respecta sau nu specificatiile mentionate de catre producator.

ID: adresa de email prin care un anumit Utilizator/Client/Cumparator poate adauga Continut pe Site. Adresa de email este asociata informatiilor din Site ale Utilizatorului/Clientului/Cumparatorului sub denumirea de “Nume Utilizator”.

Newsletter: mijloc de informare periodic, exclusiv electronic, respectiv posta electronica (e-mail, SMS) asupra Bunurilor si Serviciilor si/sau a promotiilor desfasurate de Vanzator intr-o anumita perioada, fara niciun angajament din partea Vanzatorului cu referire la informatiile continute de acesta.

Plata online: serviciul de plata prestat de catre procesatorul de plati integrat in Site, pus la dispozitia Clientilor, Utilizatorilor si/sau Cumparatorilor prin intermediul Site-ului in vederea efectuarii unei plati cu cardul on-line si care poate fi activat exclusiv prin sau fara crearea unui Cont.

Raspuns: informatie scrisa care este transmisa Utilizatorului/Clientului/Cumparatorului care a adresat o Intrebare pe Site, in pagina unui anumit produs.

Site: domeniul si subdomeniile acestuia.

Tranzactie: incasarea sau rambursarea unei sume rezultata din vanzarea unui Bun si/sau Serviciu de catre AfterRace, Cumparatorului, prin utilizarea serviciilor procesatorului de carduri agreat de catre Vanzator, indiferent de modalitatea de livrare.

Specificatii: toate specificatiile si/sau descrierile Bunurilor si Serviciilor asa cum sunt precizate in descrierea acestora.

Utilizator: orice persoana fizica/juridica inregistrata pe  Site, care, prin finalizarea procesului de creare a Contului, si-a dat acordul si a acceptat clauzele specifice din sectiunea Termeni si Conditii Generale.

Utilizare abuziva: utilizarea Site-ului intr-un mod contrar practicii in domeniu, a reglementarilor si ale legislatiei in vigoare sau in orice alt mod care poate produce prejudicii Vanzatorului.

Vanzator: societatea AfterRace, persoana juridica romana, avand sediul social in Bucuresti, Str. Bahluiului nr. 17, sector 1, avand numar de ordine in Registrul Comertului J40/9966/2016 cod unic de inregistrare fiscala 36348503 din 25.07.2016, denumita in continuare „AfterRace”.



2.1. Prin inregistrarea unei Comenzi pe Site, Cumparatorul este de acord cu forma de comunicare (telefonic sau e-mail) prin care Vanzatorul isi deruleaza operatiunile comerciale.

2.2. Notificarea primita de catre Cumparator, dupa efectuarea Comenzii are rol de informare si nu reprezinta acceptarea Comenzii. Aceasta notificare se face electronic (e-mail) sau telefonic.

2.3. Pentru motive justificate, Vanzatorul isi rezerva dreptul de a modifica cantitatea Bunurilor si/sau Serviciilor din Comanda. Daca modifica cantitatea de Bunuri si/sau Servicii din Comanda va anunta Cumparatorul la adresa de e-mail sau la numarul de telefon puse la dispozitia Vanzatorului la efectuarea Comenzii si va returna suma achitata.

2.4. Contractul se considera incheiat intre Vanzator si Cumparator in momentul primirii de catre Cumparator de la Vanzator, prin intermediul postei electronice si/sau SMS a notificarii de expediere a Comenzii.

2.5. Pentru Comenzile ce urmeaza a fi livrate la punctul de livrare AfterRace, preturile si rezervarile Bunurilor si/sau Serviciilor sunt valabile 72 (saptezecisidoua) de ore de la inregistrarea Comenzii de catre Cumparator.

2.6. Documentul si informatiile puse la dispozitie de catre Vanzator pe Site vor sta la baza Contractului.


3.1. Accesul in vederea efectuarii unei Comenzi ii este permis oricarui Client/Cumparator/Utilizator.

Pentru motive justificate AfterRace isi rezerva dreptul de a restrictiona accesul Clientului/Cumparatorului in vederea efectuarii unei Comenzi si/sau la unele din modalitatile de plata acceptate, in cazul in care considera ca in baza conduitei sau a activitatii Clientului/Cumparatorului pe Site, actiunile acestuia ar putea prejudicia in vreun fel AfterRace. In oricare dintre aceste cazuri, Clientul/Cumparatorul/Utilizatorul se poate adresa AfterRace, pentru a fi informat cu privire la motivele care au condus la aplicarea masurilor sus mentionate.

3.2. Comunicarea cu Vanzatorul se poate realiza prin interactiunea directa cu acesta sau prin adresele mentionate la sectiunea “Contact” din Site. Vanzatorul are libertatea de a gestiona informatiile primite fara a fi nevoit sa aduca justificari pentru aceasta.

3.3 AfterRace isi rezerva dreptul de a cere Clientilor/Cumparatorilor introducerea manuala a codurilor de validare de tip captcha, in vedere protejarii informatiei din cadrul Site-ului.

3.4. AfterRace poate publica pe Site informatii despre Bunuri si/sau Servicii si/sau promotii practicate de catre acesta sau de catre oricare alt tert cu care AfterRace are incheiate contracte de parteneriat, intr-o anumita perioada de timp si in limita stocului disponibil.

3.5. Toate tarifele aferente Bunurilor si/sau Serviciilor prezentate pe Site sunt exprimate in lei (RON) (TVA neaplicabil).

3.6. In cazul platilor online, Vanzatorul nu este/nu poate fi facut responsabil pentru niciun alt cost suplimentar suportat de Cumparator, incluzand dar nelimitandu-se la comisioane de conversie valutara aplicate de catre banca emitenta a cardului acestuia, in cazul in care moneda de emitere a acestuia difera de RON. Responsabilitatea pentru aceasta actiune o poarta numai Cumparatorul.

3.7. Toate informatiile folosite pentru descrierea Bunurilor si/sau a Serviciilor disponibile pe Site (imagini statice / dinamice / prezentari multimedia etc.) nu reprezinta o obligatie contractuala din partea Vanzatorului, acestea fiind utilizate exclusiv cu titlu de prezentare.

3.8. Dupa 14 (paisprezece) zile de la achizitionarea unui  Bun sau Serviciu, Cumparatorului i se va putea solicita inscrierea unui Review legat de Bunul sau Serviciul achizitionat. Solicitarea va fi transmisa catre adresa de email inscrisa de Cumparator in Cont. In acest fel, Cumparatorul contribuie la informarea altor posibili Utilizatori/ Clienti/ Cumparatori de pe Site si se implica activ in dezvoltarea de noi Servicii si in detalierea cat mai completa a caracteristicilor Bunurilor.


4.1. Clientul/Cumparatorul poate efectua Comenzi pe Site, prin adaugarea Bunurilor si/sau Serviciilor dorite in cosul de cumparaturi, urmand a finaliza Comanda efectuand plata prin una dintre modalitatile indicate expres. Odata adaugat in cosul de cumparaturi, un Bun si/sau un Serviciu este disponibil pentru achizitie in masura in care exista stoc disponibil pentru aceasta. Adaugarea unui Bun/Serviciu in cosul de cumparaturi, in lipsa finalizarii Comenzii, nu atrage dupa sine inregistrarea unei comenzi, implicit nici rezervarea automata a Bunului/Serviciului.

4.2. Prin finalizarea Comenzii, Cumparatorul consimte ca toate datele furnizate de acesta, necesare procesului de cumparare, sunt corecte, complete si adevarate la data plasarii Comenzii.

4.3. Prin finalizarea Comenzii, Cumparatorul consimte ca Vanzatorul poate sa il contacteze, prin orice mijloc disponibil/agreat de Vanzator, in orice situatie in care este necesara contactarea Cumparatorului.

4.4. Vanzatorul poate anula Comanda efectuata de catre Cumparator, in urma unei notificari prealabile adresate Cumparatorului, fara nicio obligatie ulterioara a vreunei parti fata de cealalta sau fara ca vreo parte sa poata sa pretinda celeilalte daune-interese in urmatoarele cazuri:

  • neacceptarea de catre banca emitenta a cardului Cumparatorului, a tranzactiei, in cazul platii online;
  • invalidarea tranzactiei de catre procesatorul de carduri agreat de AfterRace, in cazul platii online;
  • datele furnizate de catre Client/Cumparator, pe Site sunt incomplete si/sau incorecte.

4.5. Cumparatorul are dreptul sa se retraga din Contract, respectiv sa returneze un Bun sau sa renunte la un Serviciu, in termen de 14 zile calendaristice, fara invocarea niciunui motiv si fara a suporta alte costuri decat cele de livrare.

Astfel, potrivit OUG nr. 34/2014, perioada de returnare a unui Bun sau renuntare la un Serviciu expira in termen de 14 zile de la:

  • ziua in care Cumparatorul intra in posesia fizica a ultimului Bun – in cazul in care Cumparatorul comanda printr-o singura comanda produse multiple care vor fi livrate separat;
  • ziua in care Cumparatorul intra in posesia fizica a ultimului Bun sau a ultimei piese – in cazul livrarii unui produs care consta din mai multe loturi sau piese.

4.6. In cazul in care Cumparatorul decide sa se retraga din Contract, acesta va putea trimite un email in acest sens pe adresa

4.7. In cazul in care Clientul/Cumparatorul solicita retragerea din Contract in cadrul termenului legal de retragere din contract, trebuie sa returneze si eventualele cadouri care au insotit produsul respectiv. In cazul in care Comanda este achitata, Vanzatorul va rambursa suma in maxim 14 (paisprezece) zile de la data informarii Vanzatorului de catre Cumparator asupra deciziei sale de retragere din Contract. Suma va fi returnata dupa cum urmeaza:

  • pentru Comenzile achitate cu card online prin restituire in contul din care a fost efectuata plata;
  • pentru Comenzile achitate cu Ordin de plata/ramburs/Card bancar prin virament bancar.

4.8. Vanzatorul va putea amana rambursarea sumei pana la primirea Bunurilor vandute sau pana la primirea unei dovezi conform careia acestea au fost expediate.

4.9. In cazul in care un Bun si/sau Serviciu comandat de catre Cumparator nu poate fi livrat de catre Vanzator, acesta din urma va informa Clientul/Cumparatorul asupra acestui fapt si va returna in contul Cumparatorului contravaloarea Bunului si/sau Serviciului, in termen de maxim 7 (sapte) zile de la data la care Vanzatorul a luat la cunostinta acest fapt sau de la data la care Cumparatorul si-a exprimat in mod expres intentia de reziliere a Contractului.


5.1. Sunt exceptate de la dreptul de retragere din Contract urmatoarele:

5.1.1. contractele de prestari de servicii, dupa prestarea completa a serviciilor, daca executarea a inceput cu acordul prealabil expres al Cumparatorului si dupa ce acesta a confirmat ca a luat cunostinta de faptul ca isi va pierde dreptul la retragere dupa executarea completa a Contractului de catre Vanzator;

5.1.2.  furnizarea de Bunuri si/sau servicii al caror pret depinde de fluctuatiile de pe piata financiara pe care Vanzatorul nu le poate controla si care pot avea loc pe parcursul perioadei de retragere;

  • furnizarea de Bunuri confectionate dupa specificatiile prezentate de Cumparator sau personalizate in mod clar;
  • furnizarea de Bunuri care sunt susceptibile a se deteriora sau a expira rapid;
  • furnizarea de Bunuri sigilate care nu pot fi returnate din motive de protectie a sanatatii sau din motive de igiena si care au fost desigilate de Cumparator;
  • furnizarea de Bunuri care sunt, dupa livrare, potrivit naturii acestora, inseparabil amestecate cu alte elemente;
  • furnizarea de continut digital care nu este livrat pe un suport material, daca prestarea a inceput cu acordul prealabil expres al Cumparatorului si dupa ce acesta a confirmat ca a luat cunostinta de faptul ca isi va pierde dreptul la retragere.

6.1. Preturile Bunurilor si Serviciilor afisate in cadrul site-ului nu includ T.V.A. conform legislatiei in vigoare, pentru ca firma nu este platitoare de TVA.

6.2. Pretul, modalitatea de plata si termenul de plata sunt specificate in fiecare Comanda. Vanzatorul va emite catre Cumparator o factura pentru Bunurile si Serviciile livrate, obligatia Cumparatorului fiind sa furnizeze toate informatiile necesare emiterii facturii conform cu legislatia in vigoare.

6.3. Vanzatorul va transmite Cumparatorului factura aferenta Comenzii ce contine Bunuri si/sau Servicii vandute de AfterRace, cu exceptia Bunurilor si/sau Serviciilor vandute de partenerii AfterRace, precum si pentru orice alte plati aferente Comenzii, in format electronic, prin adaugarea facturii in Contul Cumparatorului sau prin posta electronica, la adresa de e-mail mentionata de Cumparator in Contul sau.

6.4. Pentru o corecta comunicare a facturii aferente Comenzii, Cumparatorului ii revin obligatiile de a-si actualiza ori de cate ori este cazul datele din Contul sau si de a accesa informatiile si documentele aferente fiecarei Comenzi existente in Cont.

6.5. Prin aceasta modalitate de comunicare, Cumparatorul, accesand Contul sau, va detine o evidenta a facturilor emise de AfterRace, putandu-le salva si arhiva la randul sau in orice moment si in orice modalitate pe care o doreste.

6.6. Prin trimiterea Comenzii, Cumparatorul isi exprima acordul sa primeasca facturile in format electronic prin adaugarea acestora de catre AfterRace in Contul sau prin intermediul postei electronice, la adresa de e-mail mentionata in Contul sau.

6.7. In cazul in care aceste informatii sunt indisponibile mai mult de 48 (patruzecisiopt) de ore in Cont, te rugam sa ne sesizezi acest aspect pe adresa de mail:

6.8. Datele cardului de plata ale Clientului/ Utilizatorului/Cumparatorului nu vor fi accesibile AfterRace si nici nu vor fi stocate de catre AfterRace sau de catre procesatorul de plati integrat in Site, ci doar de catre institutia de autorizare a Tranzactiei sau o alta entitate autorizata sa presteze servicii de stocare date de identificare a cardului, despre a carei identitate Clientul/Utilizatorul/Cumparatorul va fi informat, anterior introducerii datelor.

6.9. In anumite cazuri, pentru mentinerea securitatii Tranzactiilor, la inregistrarea Comenzii, Cumparatorului i se va solicita sa autorizeze plata prin reintroducerea parolei aferente Contului sau.

6.10. Pentru motive de securitate a Tranzactiilor Clientul/Utilizatorul/Cumparatorul este sfatuit sa nu ramana logat pe Site si sa nu seteze optiunea de logare automata pe dispozitivele mobile. Divulgarea parolei de acces in cont nu este permisa si se recomanda folosirea unei parole cu caracter puternic de securitate (de ex.: sa contina cel putin opt caractere, incluzand litere mari, litere mici, cifre si caractere speciale).

6.11. Clientul/Utilizatorul/Cumparatorul poate introduce datele mai multor carduri de plata pe care le detine, pentru care se poate activa optiunea de plata online.


7.1. Vanzatorul se obliga sa livreze Bunurile in sistem de curierat door-to-door catre Cumparator.

7.2. Vanzatorul va asigura ambalarea corespunzatoare a Bunurilor si va asigura transmiterea documentelor insotitoare.

7.3. Vanzatorul va efectua livrarea Bunurilor si Serviciilor pe teritoriul Romaniei si in spatiul, si in afara spatiului UE.


8.1. Toate Bunurile comercializate de catre AfterRace Game, beneficiaza de conditii de garantie conforme legislatiei in vigoare. Bunurile sunt noi, in ambalajele originale.

8.2. Board game-ul Triathlon Series este destinat exclusiv jucatorilor cu varste mai mari de 14 ani. Atentie, nerecomandat copiilor sub 3 ani. Contine piese mici detasabile.

  • Proprietatea asupra Bunurilor va fi transferata la livrare, dupa efectuarea platii din partea Cumparatorului in locatia indicata in Comanda (intelegand prin livrare – semnarea de primire a documentului de transport furnizat de curier).

10.1. Continutul, astfel cum este definit in preambul, incluzand dar nelimitaandu-se la logo-uri, reprezentari stilizate, simboluri comerciale, imagini statice, imagini dinamice, text si/sau continut multimedia prezentate pe Site, sunt proprietatea exclusiva a AfterRace, acestuia fiindu-i rezervate toate drepturile obtinute in acest sens in mod direct sau indirect (prin licente de utilizare si/sau publicare).

10.2. Clientului/Cumparatorului nu ii este permisa copierea, distribuirea, publicarea, transferul catre terte parti, modificarea si/sau altfel alterarea, utilizarea, legarea la, expunerea, includerea oricarui Continut in orice alt context decat cel original intentionat de AfterRace, includerea oricarui Continut in afara Site-ului, indepartarea insemnelor care semnifica dreptul de autor al AfterRace asupra Continutului, precum si participarea la transferul, vanzarea, distributia unor materiale realizate prin reproducerea, modificarea sau afisarea Continutului, decat cu acordul scris expres al AfterRace.

10.3. Orice Continut la care Clientul/Cumparatorul/Utilizatorul are si/sau obtine acces prin orice mijloc se afla sub incidenta Documentului, in cazul in care Continutul nu este insotit de un acord de utilizare specific si valid, incheiat intre AfterRace si acesta, si fara nicio garantie implicit sau expres formulata din partea AfterRace cu referire la acel Continut.

10.4. Clientul/Cumparatorul poate copia, transfera si/sau utiliza Continutul numai in scopuri personale sau non-comerciale, numai in cazul in care acestea nu intra in conflict cu prevederile Documentului.

10.5. In cazul in care AfterRace confera Clientului/Cumparatorului dreptul de a utiliza sub forma descrisa intr-un acord de utilizare distinct, un anumit continut, la care Clientul/Cumparatorul are sau obtine acces in urma acestui acord, acest drept se extinde numai asupra acelui sau acelor continuturi definite in acord, numai pe perioada existentei acestuia sau acestor continuturi pe site sau a perioadei definite in acord, conform conditiilor definite, in cazul in care acestea exista si nu reprezinta un angajament contractual din partea AfterRace pentru respectivul Client/Cumparator sau oricare alt tert care are/obtine acces la acest continut transferat, prin orice mijloc si care ar putea fi sau este prejudiciat in orice mod de pe urma acestui continut, in timpul sau dupa expirarea acordului de utilizare.

10.6. Niciun Continut transmis catre Client sau Cumparator, prin orice mijloc de comunicare (electronic, telefonic etc.) sau dobandit de acesta prin accesare, vizitare si/sau vizualizare nu constituie o obligatie contractuala din partea AfterRace si/sau al angajatului/prepusului AfterRace care a mijlocit transferul de Continut, in cazul in care aceasta exista, fata de respectivul continut.

10.7. Este interzisa orice utilizare a Continutului in alte scopuri decat cele permise expres prin prezentul Document sau de acordul de utilizare care il insoteste, in cazul in care acesta exista.


11.1. Vanzatorul nu poate fi responsabil pentru daune de orice fel pe care Cumparatorul sau oricare terta parte o poate suferi ca rezultat al indeplinirii de catre Vanzator a oricarei din obligatiile sale conform Comenzii si pentru daune care rezulta din utilizarea Bunurilor si Serviciilor dupa livrare si in special pentru pierderea  acestora.

11.2. Prin crearea si utilizarea Contului, Clientul/Utilizatorul/Cumparatorul isi asuma raspunderea pentru mentinerea confidentialitatii datelor de Cont (user si parola) si pentru gestionarea accesarii Contului si, in masura permisa de legislatia in vigoare, este responsabil de activitatea derulata prin intermediul Contului sau.

11.3. Prin crearea Contului si/sau utilizarea Continutului si/sau plasarea Comenzilor, Clientul/Utilizatorul/ Cumparatorul accepta in mod expres si fara echivoc Termenii si Conditiile Site-ului in ultima versiune actualizata care este comunicata in cadrul Site-ului, existenta la data crearii Contului si/sau utilizarii continutului si/sau la data plasarii Comenzii.

11.4. Ulterior crearii Contului, utilizarea Continutului echivaleaza cu acceptarea modificarilor intervenite asupra Termenilor si Conditiilor Site-ului si/sau a versiunilor actualizate ale Termenilor si Conditiilor Site-ului.

11.5. Termenii si Conditiile Site-ului pot fi modificati oricand de catre AfterRace, acestia fiind opozabili Clientilor/Utilizatorilor/Cumparatorilor de la data afisarii in Site. Acceptarea Termenilor si Conditiilor Site-ului se confirma prin bifarea check-boxului corespunzator din Site si/sau prin trimiterea Comenzii si/sau prin efectuarea unei plati online.


12.1. Vanzatorul poate cesiona si/sau subcontracta o terta parte pentru Servicii ce tin de onorarea Comenzii, cu informarea Cumparatorului, nefiind necesar acordul acestuia. Vanzatorul va fi intotdeauna responsabil fata de Cumparator pentru toate obligatiile contractuale.


13.1. AfterRace va pastra confidentialitatea informatiilor de orice natura pe care le furnizati. Dezvaluirea informatiilor furnizate se va putea face doar in conditiile mentionate in prezentul Document.

13.2. Nicio declaratie publica, promovare, comunicat de presa sau orice alt mod de dezvaluire catre terte parti nu va fi facuta de Cumparator/Client cu privire la Comanda/Contract fara consimtamantul prealabil scris al Vanzatorului.

13.3. Prin transmiterea de informatii sau materiale prin intermediul acestui Site, oferiti Vanzatorului acces nerestrictionat si irevocabil la acestea, dreptul de a utiliza, reproduce, afisa, modifica, transmite si distribui aceste materiale sau informatii. Sunteti, de asemenea, de acord ca Vanzatorul sa poata utiliza liber, in interes propriu, aceste informatii, idei, concepte, know-how-uri sau tehnici pe care ni le-ati trimis prin intermediul Site-ului. AfterRace nu va constitui subiect de obligatii referitoare la confidentialitatea informatiilor trimise, daca legislatia in vigoare nu prevede alte specificari in acest sens.

13.4. Prin inscrierea in baza de date a AfterRace, Clientul/Cumparatorul isi ofera consimtamantul expres, in limitele legislatiei in vigoare, de a fi contactat de catre terti, parteneri ai AfterRace: furnizori de servicii de marketing, alti furnizori de servicii in vederea indeplinirii obiectului Contractului incheiat intre Cumparator si Vanzator, precum si de agentii de stat, guvernamentale, atunci cand legislatia specifica prevede acest lucru; cat si de alte companii cu care AfterRace poate dezvolta programe comune de ofertare pe piata Bunurilor si/sau a Serviciilor etc.


14.1. Newsletterele AfterRace sunt transmise prin intermediul partenerilor specializati si agreati de AfterRace. Astfel, sunt asigurate confidentialitatea si securitatea informatiilor.

14.2. In momentul in care Clientul isi creeaza un Cont pe Site, are posibilitatea sa isi exprime acordul cu privire la primirea de Newslettere.

Clientul isi poate modifica optiunea cu privire la acordul emis catre Vanzator in orice moment:

14.2.1. prin contactarea AfterRace in acest sens.

14.2.2. prin accesarea link-ului de dezabonare afisat in mesajele comerciale primite de la Vanzator.

14.3. Renuntarea la primirea Newslettere-lor nu implica renuntarea la acceptul dat pentru prezentul Document.


15.1. Inscrierea de Review-uri, Comentarii, Intrebari si Raspunsuri se poate face de catre Utilizatori/Clienti/Cumparatori in sectiunia “Review-uri”. Informatiile inscrise pot fi atat pozitive, cat si negative, si se vor referi la caracteristicile si modul de folosire al unui produs sau serviciu.

15.2. In momentul inregistrarii unui anumit Review/Comentariu/Intrebare/Raspuns pe Site, Utilizatorii/Clientii/Cumparatorii acorda Vanzatorului o licenta neexclusiva, perpetuua, irevocabila, nelimitata teritorial si dau dreptul Vanzatorului de a utiliza, reproduce, modifica, adapta, publica, traduce, distribui si de a afisa acest continut.

15.3. Fiecare Utilizator/Client/Cumparator, in momentul inscrierii de Review/Comentariu/Intrebare/Raspuns in sectiunile mentionate, se angajeaza sa respecte urmatoarele reguli:

  • sa faca referiri doar la caracteristici si/sau modul de utilizare al unui anumit produs sau serviciu, evitand informatii legate de aspecte ce se pot schimba (pret sau oferte promotionale) sau informatii care tin de modul desfasurarii Comenzii;
  • sa foloseasca doar limba romana sau engleza. Sunt permise si cuvintele sau expresiile care, desi nu sunt considerate romanesti/englezesti, sunt de larga utilizare in toate mediile referitoare la domeniul respectiv;
  • sa utilizeze un limbaj corespunzator, neofensator, fara termeni care pot jigni sau afecta oricare alt Utilizator/Client/Cumparator;
  • sa se asigure ca informatiile introduse de ei sunt realiste, corecte, neinselatoare si in conformitate cu legile aplicabile, respectand astfel inclusiv drepturile altor parti, drepturile de autor, de marca comerciala, de licenta sau alte drepturi de proprietate, publicitate sau intimitate;
  • sa foloseasca aceasta facilitate doar pentru a comunica sau a obtine detalii suplimentare referitoare la un anumit  produs sau serviciu de pe Site fara a face referire catre alte firme ce promoveaza vanzarea si cumpararea de produse sau servicii;
  • sa nu furnizeze sau sa solicite, in niciun mod si in nicio masura, date personale (detaliile de contact, informatii despre adresa de livrare sau de domiciliu, numere de telefon, adrese de email, nume si/sau prenume, etc.) sau orice alta informatie care poate determina dezvaluirea acestor date personale;
  • sa nu inscrie informatii si/sau detalii despre URL-uri (legaturi) din alte site-uri comerciale ce desfasoara aceeasi activitate comerciala ca si Vanzatorul;
  • sa nu incerce fraudarea serviciilor puse la dispozitie de catre  Vanzator sau sa inscrie Review-uri/Comentarii/intrebari/Raspunsuri care sa contina materiale de natura publicitara;
  • sa nu utilizeze Review-ul/Comentariul/intrebarea/Raspunsul ca mijloc de comunicare cu Vanzatorul, in acest sens se vor folosi datele de contact ale Vanzatorului inscrise pe Site.

15.4. Pe langa o evaluarea realista critica, in momentul inscrierii unui Review, Utilizatorul/Clientul/Cumparatorul va adauga si un Rating relevant pentru produsul sau serviciul aferent. Review-urile, impreuna cu Rating-urile corespunzatoare lor.

15.5. Cand un Review/Comentariu/intrebare sau Raspuns este semnalat de catre un Utilizator/Client/Cumparator ca avand un continut inadecvat, dintr-o perspectiva strict subiectiva, acest continut este examinat cu atentie de catre Vanzator pentru a determina daca incalca Termenii si Conditiile Siteului. Textele, fotografiile sau videoclipurile introduse sunt eliminate din Site numai dupa examinarea acestora de catre Vanzator.

15.6. In cazul in care  Vanzatorul constata incalcarea Termenelor si Conditiilor in mod repetat, acesta isi rezerva dreptul de a suspenda posibilitatea Utilizatorului/Clientului/Cumparatorului de a inscrie Review-uri/Comentarii/intrebari sau Raspunsuri in sectiunea si “Review-uri”.

Pentru sesizari sau reclamatii legate de Bunul si/sau Serviciul achizitionat, Cumparatorii au la dispozitie adresa de email Termenul maxim de solutionare a reclamatiilor sau sesizarilor este de 30 de zile calendaristice de la primirea acestora.


16.1. AfterRace este in procedura de inregistrare in Registrul de Evidenta a Prelucrarilor de Date cu Caracter Personal.

16.2. Conform cerintelor Legii nr. 677/2001 pentru protectia persoanelor cu privire la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal si libera circulatie a acestor date, modificata si completata, AfterRace are obligatia de a administra in conditii de siguranta si numai pentru scopurile specificate, datele personale furnizate.

16.3. Scopul colectarii datelor este:

  • informarea Clientilor/Cumparatorilor privind situatia Contului lor inclusiv validarea, expedierea si facturarea Comenzilor, rezolvarea anularilor sau a problemelor de orice natura referitoare la o Comanda, la Bunurile si /sau serviciile achizitionate;
  • trimiterea de Newslettere si/sau alerte periodice, prin folosirea postei electronice (e-mail, SMS);
  • activitati de marketing prin primirea de mesaje de informare sau comerciale (oferte, promotii, mesaje publicitare si de marketing privind activitatea AfterRace si a tertilor cu care AfterRace are relatii de orice natura) la adresele de e-mail comunicate catre AfterRace;
  • participarea la concursuri, promotii;
  • transmiterea de mesaje non-comerciale sau de tip administrativ (privind schimbari in site, administrare etc.);
  • statistici interne necesare pentru imbunatatirea calitatii serviciilor oferite si imaginii Site-ului si pentru crearea unor elemente caracteristice noi, promotii, functionalitati si servicii noi;
  • pentru a asigura accesul la sectiuni cu access limitat ale Site-ului;
  • cercetari de piata, de urmarire si monitorizare a datelor de vanzari si comportamentul Clientului/Cumparatorului.

16.4. Prin completarea datelor in formularul de creare de Cont si/sau de Comanda, Cumparatorul declara si accepta neconditionat ca datele sale personale sa fie incluse in baza de date a AfterRace, inregistrata in Registrul de Evidenta a Prelucrarii Datelor cu Caracter Personal si isi da acordul expres si neechivoc ca toate aceste date personale sa fie stocate, utilizate si prelucrate in scopul prevazut mai sus la punctul 16.3.

16.5. Prin citirea Documentului ati luat la cunostinta faptul ca va sunt garantate drepturile prevazute de lege, respectiv dreptul la informare (art.12), dreptul de acces la date (art.13), dreptul de interventie (art.14), dreptul de opozitie (art.15), dreptul de a nu fi supus unei decizii individuale (art.17), dreptul de va adresa justitiei (art.18), in caz de incalcare a drepturilor   garantate de Legea 677/2001 pentru protectia persoanelor cu privire la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal si libera circulatie a acestor date.

16.6. Pe baza unei cereri scrise, datate, semnate si expediate la adresa: Str. Bahluiului nr. 17, sec. 1, Bucuresti, in atentia AfterRace, va puteti exercita, in mod gratuit, pentru o solicitare pe an, sa vi se confirme faptul ca datele personale sunt sau nu procesate.

16.7. Pe baza unei cereri scrise, datate, semnate si expediate la adresa Str. Bahluiului nr. 17, sec. 1, Bucuresti, in atentia AfterRace, va puteti exercita dreptul de interventie asupra datelor, dupa caz:

  • rectificarea, actualizarea, blocarea sau stergerea datelor a caror prelucrare nu este conforma legii 677/2001 pentru protectia persoanelor cu privire la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal si libera circulatie a acestor date, in special a datelor incomplete sau inexacte;
  • transformarea in date anonime a datelor a caror prelucrare nu este conforma legii 677/2001 pentru protectia persoanelor cu privire la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal si libera circulatie a acestor date;
  • notificarea catre tertii carora le-au fost dezvaluite datele, daca aceasta notificare nu se dovedeste imposibila sau nu presupune un efort disproportionat fata de interesul legitim care ar putea fi lezat.

16.8. De asemenea AfterRace poate furniza datele cu caracter personal ale Cumparatorului altor companii cu care se afla in relatii de parteneriat, dar numai in temeiul unui angajament de confidentialitate din partea acestora si numai in scopurile mentionate la punctul 16.3., prin care garanteaza ca aceste date sunt pastrate in siguranta si ca furnizarea acestor informatii personale se face conform legislatiei in vigoare, dupa cum urmeaza: furnizorilor de servicii de curierat, furnizorilor de servicii de marketing, furnizorilor de servicii de plata/bancare, telemarketing sau alte servicii,  furnizate de companii cu care putem dezvolta programe comune de ofertare pe piata  Bunurilor si Serviciilor noastre, asiguratori.

16.9. Informatiile Cumparatorului cu caracter personal pot fi furnizate si catre Parchetul General, Politie, instantele judecatoresti si altor organe abilitate ale statului, in baza si in limitele prevederilor legale si ca urmare a unor cereri expres formulate.


 16.10. In unele cazuri, este posibil ca AfterRace sa colecteze informatii cu caracter non-personal despre Cumparator/Client/Utilizator. Exemple de informatii de acest tip sunt: tipul de browser folosit, sistemul de operare al calculatorului folosit si numele domeniului website-ului de unde a fost facuta conexiunea la Site. In timpul vizionarii Site-ului, AfterRace va putea stoca anumite date despre Cumparator/Client/Utilizator.

16.11. Aceste informatii vor fi sub forma unui fisier denumit „Cookie” sau a unui fisier similar. Aceste fisiere Cookies ajuta AfterRace sa construiasca un Site sau publicitate care sa raspunda cat mai bine intereselor si preferintelor Cumparatorilor/Clientilor/Utilizatorilor.

16.12. Cu cele mai multe browsere de internet se pot sterge sau bloca fisierele Cookies sau se poate primi o atentionare inaintea primirii unui astfel de fisier. AfterRace recomanda Cumparatorilor/Clientilor/Utilizatorilor sa consulte instructiunile browser-ului sau fisierului de ajutor pentru a afla mai multe informatii despre aceste functii.


17.1. Nici una din parti nu va fi raspunzatoare pentru neexecutarea obligatiilor sale contractuale daca o astfel de neexecutare la termen si/sau in mod corespunzator, total sau partial este datorata unui eveniment de forta majora. Forta majora este evenimentul imprevizibil, in afara controlului partilor si care nu poate fi evitat.

17.2.  Daca in termen de 15 (cincisprezece) zile de la data producerii lui, respectivul eveniment nu inceteaza, fiecare parte va avea dreptul sa notifice celeilalte parti incetarea de plin drept a Contractului fara ca vreuna dintre ele sa poata pretinde celeilalte alte daune-interese.

  • Prezentul Contract este supus legii romane. Eventualele litigii aparute intre AfterRace si Clienti / Cumparatori se vor rezolva pe cale amiabila, iar in cazul in care aceasta nu va fi posibila, litigiile vor fi solutionate de instantele judecatoresti romane competente din Municipiul Bucuresti, Romania.